Attention - Personal motorized vehicles (i.e., minibikes, scooters, golf carts, etc.) require a $20 waiver fee.

  • Gates open at 8 am

  • Tech at 9 am (see rules below)

  • Grudge racing start shortly afterward and goes all day

  • Street Car Shootout meeting starts at 2:30 pm on 4/23 (payment for shootout due then).

  • Gen. Admission $15

  • Grudge racing $40 additional

  • Seniors 65/up $5

  • Kids 10 and under free

  • Veterans/Police (active or retired) Admitted free

  • Street Car Shootout add $40 for jackpot. Winner splits purse with Kingdon Pave the Way.

  • Stock style DOT headlights and taillights

  • Mufflers of any kind. Turbos accepted as mufflers. ****Mufflers required for this event

  • Jackets and Full pants, no shorts

  • Motorcycles use NHRA safety rules. Leathers mandatory.

  • Battery secured. If battery is re-located from stock position, external "shut off switch" required. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • Overflow coolant bottle

  • DOT or NHRA approved helmet

  • DOT or NHRA seat belts. Torn or worn belts will not be accepted

  • Slicks allowed (recommended.) (Future plans may include racing "drive" tires only.)

  • *Cars are subject to NHRA safety rules as per mile per hour at the finish line (We have a radar gun only for safety rules at this time.) 
  • *Current "paid" DOT registration required for shootout only

  • *No registration required for grudge/fun runs. All other (street car) requirements apply.
  • Shootout is completely heads up, no handicaps

  • All races are heads-up; first one to finish line wins

  • Grudge racing will allow head starts as per agreements with racers

  • Ties will be re-run

  • Jump starts or crossing the center line at "anytime" is disqualification

  • No timers will be used. Judges will be placed appropriately

  • Starter holds the final rulings like an umpire.

  • All decisions are final

  • Flashlight and/or arm drop starts after proper staging

  • No spectators allowed past the starting line

  • No spectator parking in staging lanes

  • Special parking area available near track

  • Tech ends just before Shootout around 1:00 pm

  • All racing ends with Shootout final

  • Have respect and pick up your own trash, so we don't get kicked out, and we can do this again next year.

  • No glass allowed

  • Coolers allowed

  • Drivers prohibited to consume alcohol

  • Local police coming in and out so we can have a safe family environment.

    Ambulance on site.
    Kingdon and staff are not responsible for damage to cars or personal injuries. Safety is up to you. Pay attention!

    Be courteous and safe always. Have a lot of fun! (mandatory)

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